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She studied hard for the test. Writing a dissertation is difficult. The be verb is also sometimes referred to as a copula or a linking verb. It links the subject, in this case writing a dissertation , to the complement or the predicate of the sentence, in this case, hard. Adjective This describes a noun or pronoun. The diligent student completed her assignment early. Diligent describes the student and appears before the noun student. It can be difficult to balance time to study and work responsibilities. Difficult is placed after the to be verb and describes what it is like to balance time.

He completed the course enthusiastically. Enthusiastically describes how he completed the course and answers the how question. Steven recently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Communication program at Walden. Recently modifies the verb enroll and answers the when question. Then, I verified that most of my sources were peer-reviewed. Then describes and modifies the entire sentence.

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See this link on transitions for more examples of conjunctive adverbs adverbs that join one idea to another to improve the cohesion of the writing. Pronoun This word substitutes for a noun or a noun phrase such as it, she, he, they, that, those,…. Smith interviewed the applicants as they arrived. Jones published her book in The book was very popular.

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Preposition This comes before a noun or a noun phrase and links it to other parts of the sentence. I chose to interview teachers in the district closest to me.

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The recorder was placed next to the interviewee. I stopped the recording in the middle of the interview due to a low battery. Conjunction A word that joins two clauses. The results were not significant, so the alternative hypothesis was accepted. Although the results seem promising, more research must be conducted in this area. Auxiliary Verbs Helping verbs. They are used to build up complete verbs. Primary auxiliary verbs be, have, do show the progressive, passive, perfect, and negative verb tenses.

Modal auxiliary verbs can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, would show a variety of meanings. They represent ability, permission, necessity, and degree of certainty. These are always followed by the simple form of the verb. Semimodal auxiliary verbs be going to, ought to, have to, had better, used to, be able to ,….

Researchers have investigated this issue for some time.

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However, the cause of the problem has not been determined. Dec 1 pm. Wrong Word Wrong word errors take a number of forms. Here are a couple of wrong word examples: Did you catch my illusion to the Bible? A spell checker replaced allegory with allergy.

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Missing Comma after an Introductory Element Use a comma after every introductory element—whether word, phrase or clause—to clarify where it ends and the rest of the sentence begins. Incomplete or Missing Documentation Documentation practices vary from discipline to discipline. Vague Pronoun Reference A pronoun e. Here, for example, you might wonder what which refers to: The authoritarian school changed its cell phone policy, which many students resisted. To improve this sentence, the writer needs to make explicit what students resisted.

Spelling Even though technology now reviews much of our spelling for us, one of the top 20 most common errors is a spelling error. After you run the spell checker, proofread carefully for errors such as these: Vladmir Putin is the controversial leader of Russia. Every where she walked, she was reminded of him. Mechanical Error with a Quotation When we quote other writers, we bring their voices into our arguments.

Unnecessary Comma We often have a choice about whether or not to use a comma. Do not use a comma before the first or after the last item in a series. Do not use a comma between a subject and verb. Happily, the waiters, sat down during a break. Do not use a comma between a verb and its object or complement. Do not use a comma between a preposition and its object. Unnecessary or Missing Capitalization Capitalize proper nouns and proper adjectives, the first words of sentences, and important words in titles, along with certain words indicating directions and family relationships. Missing Word If you read your work outloud before submittingit, you are more likely to notice omitted words.

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Faulty Sentence Structure If a sentence starts out with one kind of structure and then changes to another kind, it will confuse readers. Missing Comma with a Nonrestrictive Element A nonrestrictive phrase or clause provides additional information that is not essential to the basic meaning of the sentence. Unnecessary Shift in Verb Tense Verbs that shift from one tense to another with no clear reason can confuse readers.

Missing Comma in a Compound Sentence A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. Miranda drove her brother and her mother waited at home.

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Repeated viral infections compromise doctors immune systems. Fused run-on Sentence A fused sentence also called a run-on joins clauses that could each stand alone as a sentence with no punctuation or words to link them.

Comma Splice A comma splice occurs when only a comma separates clauses that could each stand alone as a sentence. The students rushed the field, they tore down the goalposts. Every guest left their shoes at the door. Poorly Integrated Quotation Quotations should be logically and smoothly integrated with the writing around them, the grammar of the quotation complementing the grammar of the neighboring prose. Missing or Unnecessary Hyphen A compound adjective requires a hyphen when it modifies a noun that follows it.

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This article describes eighteenth century theater. A two-word verb should not be hyphenated.

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The dealers want to buy-back the computers and refurbish them. Sentence Fragment A sentence fragment is part of a sentence that is presented as if it were a complete sentence. The following illustrate the ways sentence fragments can be created: Without a subject The American colonists resisted British taxation. No complete verb The pink geranium blooming in its pot. Beginning with a subordinating word We visited the park. Where we threw the Frisbee.