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The letter " U " in the stem of the infinitive verb changes to " UE " in the conjugations. Note that the verb Jugar is the only verb that is irregular in this way.

If you found this guide about the Spanish Present Tense interesting or useful, let others know about it:. Improve your Spanish with our reading passages. There are different topics for beginner to advanced level students. There is also a special section for Spanish teachers. A list of common verbs in Spanish with their conjugation in different tenses and example sentences. There are also interactive games to practice each verb.

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Spanish Reading Passages Improve your Spanish with our reading passages. Spanish Verb Lists A list of common verbs in Spanish with their conjugation in different tenses and example sentences. Match pictures of fruit with its name in Spanish.

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Preterite Tense Review, Spanish 2. This exercise will help you review the regular and irregular verbs in the preterite tense. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb that completes the sentence.

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Practice the verb querer. This quiz contains 22 questions. Forming the Present Subjunctive. Basic -ar conjugation to accompany Ch. Nivel 1. Affirmative and Negative Words. This quiz contains 13 questions. Conjuga el verbo ser. Battleship for La Familia - 2nd Grade. Work with vocabulary from La Familia for 2nd Grade. Practice matching the forms of the verb SER with various subject pronouns. Review your knowledge of Spanish infinitives with this matching game.

Direct and indirect object pronouns.

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Choose the correct rewrite of each sentence with direct and indirect object pronouns. Capitals of Spanish Speaking Countries. Chapter 3 Quiz Present tense verbs. This is a test of your knowledge of conjugating regular verbs in the present tense. Practice of the uses of the preterite and the imperfect tenses. Practice the use of comparisons of inequality while you try to win the million. Jessica Marshall. Practice distinguishing between telling what time it is, and at what time something occurs.

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Practice stem changing verbs O to UE almorzar, contar, costar devolver, dormir, encontrar, poder, recordar, volver and jugar. Comprueba tu progreso en el campo de "por" y "para". What are you like? Translates English to Spanish using AR verbs fromvocabulary and Spanish I-Chapter 3-Rags to Riches. Joy Jenkins Quenga. How well do you know the information in chapter 3?

Practice the body parts you learned in class by playing Hang Man! Avancemos 2 - preterite vs. The reflexive verb directs the action back upon the subject 2. Learn the meanings, and how to conjugate these reflexive verbs in the present tense 3. Instead of the subject pronoun, you use the reflexive pronoun. R1 Cap. PE Tarea 5 el calendario. For 's 1 Fill in the blanks with the correct date written as Spanish words. Remember to refer to the date format when writing out the dates because their system is backwards from ours. Be sure to put a capital letter at the beginning of each El presente de los verbos en -er.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb tener. Can you match the English and Spanish words for the days of the week?

PE Colores y las cosas de la escuela. Make sure your article, noun, and color adjective match in gender and number. El verbo ir practice quiz. Match English to Spanish and Congugate.

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Present tense verbs in Spanish. This quiz contains 14 questions. Expresate 1, Capitulo 2, Repaso de Vocabulario 2. Play hangman and practice spelling the seasons in Spanish! How well do you know your color words? You may even learn a few new ones! Practice conjugating Reflexive Verbs. Be careful! Some verbs might be stem-changing. Battleship: Preterite vs. This is an opportunity to fine-tune your skills in using the forms of "estar" with the subject pronouns. Choose the correct response to practice the forms of estar and subject pronouns.

Name in English the different foods and drinks. Do you know which -AR verb ending goes with which subject in the preterite tense? Match the subject with the correct preterite verb ending! Partes del Cuerpo, Vocabulario. Spanish 2 - Irregular Preterite Verbs. Hablemos del clima.