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A new study from the University of California-Davis suggests that when our curiosity is piqued, it results in changes in the brain that help us learn not only about the subject at hand, but also about incidental information. Emotional triggers such as trust, delight, surprise, fun and, most importantly, satisfaction evoke curiosity in your users.

Curiosity makes you want to jump on an offer, because you can envision the reward and how it can improve your own life.

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Even in B2B buying , emotions matter more than logic. Creating urgency also helps stoke some curiosity. Crazyegg , a heat map company that I co-founded, has seen a significant growth rate over the years. Lots of site owners would like to know the reason why their visitors leave the site instead of inputting their credit card information and buying.

Music Law Contracts also evokes curiosity in their call-to-action button. The landing page headline makes a promise and the CTA button delivers on that promise. When you promise to give users free videos, do that. Stick to your promise and your conversion rate will be high.

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When writing your call to action, you should find a way to integrate these 5 persuasive words :. On the KISSmetrics blog, we understand the impact of using persuasive words to convince users to join our email campaign.

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Take a look at our pop-up box:. More often than not, what it takes to write a call to action that compels the customer to click and follow through is a deeper understanding of your audience. How can you leverage each of these elements to craft a call-to-action that gets your prospects to buy? One solution is to first set up a landing page to convert visitors into leads. Then, you would create a valuable lead magnet, like a free ebook or trial, to persuade the visitors to sign up. Take a look:. What the person wants is a way to get traffic for free. It no longer matters what the button color, button text or button design is.

One site that understands its users and their dominant problem is HelpScout.

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  7. Find a way to identify what your ideal customers are struggling with and leverage that to draw them into your offer. Agitate the problem: After you identify a dominant problem, but before you proffer a solution, you should agitate it. This copywriting technique has long been used by Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas and other renowned copywriters. Here are two examples of an agitated problem, from Robert Stover :.

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    Remember that you can agitate a problem in your landing page headline, subtitles and bullet points. Each of these elements will either increase or decrease conversions for your call-to-action. If your target audience consists of business owners who are tired of creating content to drive traffic to increase their sales, all to no avail, you can capitalize on that when writing your landing page headline.

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    Your headline could be something like the following:. Stop Writing More Content. Proffer a solution: This is the final element and it can make or break your call-to-action. You have to proffer a solution to the problems that your users are facing. If they buy in, they might not buy immediately.

    This is where the follow up email campaign converts on lead generation. Their call-to-action says it all:. Awesome Web , a site that helps you find and hire web designers and developers, uses a slightly different approach in its call-to-action. Instead of using a CTA button, it uses text links pointing to different services.

    At Quicksprout. Human beings have this urge in their DNA to always belong. The urge to belong is related to the concept of social proof. Social proof is centered around a concept that people will take action based on what others have done. Robert Cialdini is the father of persuasion and influence:. A lot of brands use social proof in various ways — i.

    For instance, MailChimp , an email marketing company, notes that over 8 million users have already become MailChimp users. This would likely motivate first-time visitors to convert, too. One of the ways he persuades first timers to opt in is by displaying the current number of email campaign subscribers:.

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    Pat Flynn, founder of SmartPassiveIncome. Social proof can work on other parts of your site, not just on the main blog section or landing page. Several smart bloggers showcase the number of their subscribers on the sidebar, to persuade new users to opt in. Darren Rowse, founder of Problogger. Cliffhangers are primarily used by fiction authors and screenwriters. Cliffhangers can also work for marketers. Seuss says it best:. As human beings, we need closure in our lives. The open loops that are created in Hollywood movies, bestselling books and marketing stories leave us dissatisfied.

    Turbotax, tax preparation software owned by Intuit, understands that storytelling is a powerful marketing technique that no one can resist. As long as the target audience consists of human beings who are driven by emotions, this will remain true. Evernote uses a cliffhanger to get users to upgrade to a premium solution, right on their homepage. The CTA button Go Premium itself is a mild form of a cliffhanger, because it entices the user to find out what features are available in their premium version:. Cliffhangers can be applied in any field.

    Writing a blog post with a cliff hanger leads to regular subscribers and more engagement as each blog post builds on the last. Content Marketing Up is a perfect example of a blog with multiple cliffhangers. Potential clients can easily choose what they want:. FreshBooks applied the above technique in its call-to-action. Your CTA copy is a crucial element of every landing page. A little tweak in the copy can make a lot of difference.

    When this model is used, the user feels like they could lose the opportunity to acquire the product or service, under special conditions. It consists of giving something for free and this is used on landing pages as well as social networks, blogs or emails to offer free e-books, webinars and other highly valuable content in order to get conversions.

    This is a simple and short call to action and if you have limited space on your call to action button but you want to make a big impact then this is a good choice. Imagine you tell your audience that you are here to listen to them. Well, what did you think about this introduction to the fascinating world of calls to action? So put these tips into practice and share the results with us: we would love to know how your calls to action went!

    And if you think that this article can help your contacts, feel free to share it with them. The more people who know about the importance of calls to action, the more profitable businesses there will be that exist.

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    Long live calls to action! Do you manage Social Networks? Start Free Trial! Toggle navigation. How to create totally irresistible calls to action: 10 tips to keep in mind and 8 practical examples to start implementing them Por Elisabet Parera Writer at Postcron. Will you accompany us?

    Then prepare some popcorn and get comfortable. What are calls to action and why should you use them? Now, what are they used for and why should you use them?