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Meetings of all kinds were largely attended and large numbers were baptized. In the last year or two this interest has gradually tapered off. Granted that this interest was fostered by the un- usual conditions following defeat in the war, it still remains a matter of concern that the church was not able to hold this interest.

Another fact is that in re- cent years many strange Religious groups have arisen. Some of them count their followers by the millions. According to a Japanese scholar these religions offer to the people two things greatly desired. They em- phasize healing of diseases and provide a fellowship. Granted that many of these groups represent a lower type of religion, they do indicate, however, that there is a spiritual longing on the part of many people, even though it may not be of the highest type. Again the question arises why the church is not able to reach these masses. Kagawa, a keen observer of conditions, in a recent address lists eight outstanding difficulties.

Space permits only a listing of the eight points; 1. Moral insanity; 2. This is a for- midable array of difficulties. It survived even the critical period of the war.

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The Christian faith in Japan, as has been abundantly demonstrated, has in it survival power. A hundred years after all are but a short period as far as the Christian cause is concerned. James MofTat wrote "To see the live centuries in their true perspective, it must be realized that they mean five hundred long years. The ordinary reader hardly realizes how long the achievement took, and how important it is for a know- ledge of Christian message and mission to grasp the significance of the fact that the task did take so long.

Like the church in the Roman empire it has been a time for claiming and winning its right to a footing in the land. In many ways ths goal has been achieved. The church in Japan, increasingly aware of its responsibilities and opportunities, is entering upon a new era with confidence in its message and in the power of its Lord. The remaining two-thirds are divided in shaded gradients between Buddhism and Shinto. It many be of interest to note that neither Buddhism or Shinto count people, as such, but count houses and multiply by three.

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Hiemonen 7. Parr 9. Oestreich Friesen H. Gaede Jun Murai Tsutada Taniguchi Cunning- ham Spaulding Tsutomu Abe Zenshichi Suzuki Keishi Tanaka Richert Seibei Morita Maxey Robertson Whewell Shigezo Ogata Kiyoma Yumiyama Buntaro Kimura Ma- tsuda Thalleen Makise Akiji Kuru- mada Ara- hara To- kiwa Ima- mura Ken Muto Eckel Coote Danker Michael H. Ya- shiro Wolf Shorester Rounds Clark Werdal Millard Takeji Otsuki Fleenor Foster Toyo Senkyokai Kiyome M F.

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Ozaki Yoon Tai Independent Churches Kagawa 3. Shirato 5. Iwamura 6. Manabe 7. Murata 8. Kagawa Shor- rock Akira Ebi- sawa Kozaki, D. Takase President: Shun Suzuki Manabe Abe Chairman: Rev.

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Uemura Igarashi Chairman : E. Nagamatsu Kashi- Keith Miller. Pastor : Rev. Atsumi Tazaka Director : Rev. Norman H. Directors : Rev. Noboru Nishido, Rev. David Swain.

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Phillip Williams, 23 Komegafukuro Machi, Sendai. Student Center, Sapporo. Director : Rev. Robert Barker. Directors : Prof.

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  • Hideyasu Nakagawa, Rev. William Eddy. Executive Secretary : Mr. Muko- tani. Residential Mis- sionary : Rev. Student Secretary : Mr. Akiharu Nasu. Nihon Kiristo Kyodan I. Director: Rev. Gen- ichi Murono II. Regional Service and Training Centers 1. Kwansai Area limorino, Hyogo Ken. Director: Rew Tomi jiro Iwatsuka 2. Tohoku Area Rifu, Miyagi Ken. Hisakichi Saito 3. Hokkaido Area Nipporo, Ebetsu Machi. Kin- saku Furuyama III. Special Rural Center. Shiga Omiseishojuku; Rev. Toranosuke Yama Hachiman Shi da 2. Kagawa Teshima; Shodo Gun Mr.

    Seiichi Fujisaki IV.

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    Local Centers. Hokkaido Yakumo Rev. Banjo Mano I I Kin- k- ct ma. Aomori 4. Akita 5. Fukushima 6. Yamagata 8. Ibaraki 9. Gumma Niigata Saitama Tochigi Tokyo Kanagawa Chiba Shizuoka Shigemitsu Noguchi Rev.

    The Iwakura Mission to America and Europe: A New Assessment (Meiji Japan Series, 6)

    Kichiya Kikuchi Rev. Shigeji Seya Rev. Koshiro Motomiya Rev. Sakae Endo Rev. Naomichi Ashina Rev. Chuzo Ushioda Rev. Yoshihide Higo Rev. Yotaro Kurihara Rev. Kanichiro Sakurai Rev.