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But when something goes wrong with a rocket test, the smog thickens and the teenagers change into rampaging killers. Can Joey survive long enough to escape the neighborhood before she joins their ranks? Baggage of Eternal Night - Detroit is a hotbed of gambling, and the weekly baggage auctions keep a busy trade.

Inside the suitcase is an antique gramophone, and the music it plays is unlike anything these men have heard before. A chanting voice speaks to them in strange words and begets visions of a dark, frozen land. Charlie sets out to solve the mystery of who recorded the unholy music and how to turn it off forever. But time is against him, and the urge to listen—the addiction—to the song grows stronger.

And the more it plays, the more the aural virus spreads, until people begin to vanish… feeding the soul of a spirit seeking immortality. I hope everyone has a great August.

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Until next month,. Russ Thompson. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Featuring over 45 individual contributors, almost pages, over k words, original Clive Barker artwork, over 30 illustrations and so much content we had to put it into two volumes. Volume I Contributors. Joe R. Volume II Contributors. Monteleone, J. Gonzalez, Stephen R. Bissette, Christopher Golden, Lucy A.

As most readers already know, Joe is one of Stephen King's children, and I can tell you that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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This novel is Joe's masterpiece. It's been fun watching this young writer learn his craft with each novel over the last few years as he got better and better with the written word, until this stark tale of twisted horror was finally produced.

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If Joe continues to write in the horror genre, I see him eventually taking over his dad's mantle. He drives a black classic Rolls Royce Wraith, which in many ways is the star of the novel. The Wraith is the totem for Manx. Though it helped to destroy his family in his earlier years, the car has kept him young in appearance and full of vitality ever since.

At the same time, however, the car needs the presence of children in it so it can suck the positive attributes out of them and replace the emotions with negative ones, turning the little sweeties into fun-loving creatures of the night. In some ways the car is like a shark, always moving and feeding off the suffering of others.

To read the rest of the review, click on the title link above. Just looking at it-and through it-began to satisfy my craving for the inexplicable, the eldritch But an even greater pleasure awaited as I began reading the four long stories, each incorporating Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos in unexpected and fascinating ways. JSP also owns and operates the Hellnotes website, offering daily news and reviews of interest to genre readers and fans, and Dark Discoveries Magazine , a slick, full color, distinguished and internationally distributed quarterly magazine.

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We publish in multiple formats and market our authors on a global level. We are also active with numerous major writers' groups, including the Horror Writers Association HWA and produce a monthly newsletter with a large circulation. After the bizarre suicide of her sister, Lilith Pierce discovered that the world was full of dangers and villains she could not have imagined, and that the history of human civilization was far from complete.

Now, gifted with tremendous powers she barely understands, Lilith is determined to stop whatever plots and schemes her immortal cousins, the Sangha, can hatch.

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When a simple reconnaissance mission ends in tragedy; however, Lilith's entire focus changes. Attempting to save a child she's never met from a fate worse than death will require every ounce of Lilith's strength, forge new and treacherous alliances, and possibly change the world forever.

Suddenly all eyes are on her, and the destiny of the human race is on her shoulders. A thrill ride with soul for a new generation of thinkers! Table of Contents. Book reviews. Are you laid off, downsized, undersized? Call us.

We employ. How lucky do you feel? So reads the business card from Limbus, Inc. Limbus's employees are just as suspicious and ephemeral as the motives of the company, if indeed it could be called a company in the ordinary sense of the word. In this shared-world anthology, five heavy hitters from the dark worlds of horror, fantasy, and scifi pool their warped takes on the shadow organization that offers employment of the most unusual kind to those on the fringes of society. One thing's for sure - you'll never think the same way again about the fine print on your next employment application!

Kristina Meister.


Someone once said, "Science Fiction is the genre of the improbable, and Fantasy is the genre of the impossible. Humans are prone to classification; we nit-pick until we're buried in subcategories like "Slasher Suspense," "Dark Urban Fantasy," or god forbid, "Paranormal Romance.

Night Eternal

It's ironic, but Horror is by definition the one genre that should always attempt to defy our expectations. Now don't get me wrong, when you're alone on a stormy night, in the home of a retired big game hunter, cat-sitting his hairless, arthritic siamese, there's nothing better than the cookie-cutter creeping menace or Slow Mover Undead flick. They have their place, but really there's very little to them. They scare us, but we know why they scare us, and so we can laugh every time we jump.

I've always admired stories that unsettle me from beginning to end, and hold me there, unable to reconcile. I'm talking about the premise of catastrophe on a global scale, that we began, and cannot outrun. To read the rest of the article, click on the title link above. Having been on the receiving end pun maliciously intended of this procedure several times, I consider myself, if not an expert, at least a seasoned observer and legitimate commentator.

So what has this word to do with writing? Nothing at all. And the linguistic process involved promises to be far less intrusive and humbling than the medical one.