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Magpie Trapping Made Easy

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The Magpie Trap

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That's outside the trap to get them used to it being around for a few days first. In a few days I'll see what leftovers I have that might be going bad. I might even try going to the local butcher, and see if he has any waste that he's going to throw away. Maybe he'll have some large intestine that's starting to turn worse than it already could possibly be. Obviously these flying rodents will eat anything! TreeGuy, I was going to make something way more elaborate It would have been huge. But my brother was going to want to use it at his place after I was done with it.

I didn't want to make something so large to have to lug it over to his place. But I might in the future, if they start coming back around after this round. It'll be a huge pain as it's tight wire mesh, and getting my hands inside isn't very easy. Right on. Good luck man. If there was anything I'd have changed about the first one I made is the mesh size. Bigger is better in the sense that any unintentional birds caught that you DO enjoy having around can escape if need be. Last edited by TreeGuy; at PM. Originally Posted by dfarms Good one!

Actually I meant the end of the tunnel. Mine, they walk back out. Obviously I have to make it smaller. Originally Posted by TreeGuy.

The Magpie Trap by A.J. Kirby

Depends on the size of the pecker. I'm still finding feathers years later. Thanks tree guy. Originally Posted by Albertadiver.

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So now I have 2 in the trap with no bait inside. Any suggestions about what to do now???? I've had the same thing happen and have just left it as is. The others will remain curious and make their way in there. I've also seen some good battles between different birds in the traps which also seemed to attract more birds. Good luck and post a couple pictures of your bounty! I just found this thread yesterday and my first summer project will be to build this at the cabin.

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Anyone tried trapping crows with this type of trap? If yes, does entry need to be larger? Ok, now there are 3 in there. I've been trying to stay away from the house as much as I can, because they are already scared of me And hopefully I cover everything This way when I make another one, I'll remember what the hell I did too because it will be here!!! Instructions: First off, the length of the cage was equal to the width of the wire mesh I had 36".

I wanted to do as little cutting of the mesh as there are so many cuts to be made with this small size of a mesh. The boards that I cut for the width I cut to 24". So you need 2 36" and 2 24". So if you get wire mesh that is a different width, just modify your cuts to suit. I used 2 screws at each corner. I basically wrapped the outside of the cage with the wire mesh.

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  • Stapled it where I wanted it, keeping it tight at the bottom and loose at the top. I did NOT measure how much mesh to leave at the top, I just let it out enough until it looked pretty good. I also used a hammer to make sure that all of the staples were in all the way. I'm going to have to transport this over to my brother's house and don't want to have lots of places where it can catch on my clothes.

    I then cut a few square pieces large enough for the ends unrolled some mesh, put it over the end while pulling the arch as far as I could and cut it a bit larger. I then tacked the bottoms to the 2"x2" boards. On the back, I tied the end piece to the arch, making sure that it was nice and rounded. I counted up 10 mesh spaces to where I would use wire to tie it and duplicated it on both sides left and right of the back so that the arch was symmetrical.

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    The last tie point was at the top of the arch. At the front, I only stapled it to the frame and then I cut away an arch that was 10" diameter 5" radius. The distance measured along the curve of the arch after it was cut, came out to be 15" At the small end, it was 10" when it was flat. I cut away a square on both sides of the front end, large enough to make it fit around the 2"x2" boards that I used for the frame.

    I put the entrance piece in and tied it with wire at the front piece and the bottom piece. News Now council staff have to start the feeding process all over again as the pigs Search by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business. Magpie breeding season is here, so look out for swooping magpies over the next couple of months.

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