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Meanwhile, Lafayette and James spend the night bonding and getting high once again. A shootout ends in tragedy when the Hep-V vampires find Sookie- and Alcide is killed in the crossfire, while Maxine Fortenberry and several townsfolk are killed when Hep-V vampires attack the vigilante mob. A traumatized Holly is used as bait by the Hep-V vampires, but is rescued. Gregg Fienberg.

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Sookie and Jason each make phone calls to Jackson and Hoyt to inform them of the death of their family members. Meanwhile, James stages an intervention for Jessica, who hasn't fed since she accidentally killed Adilyn's three sisters. Also, the origins how Eric became Vampire Sheriff are revealed which involves him and Pam forced by the Magistrate to operate a local video store in , how Ginger came into their lives 10 years later, and how another 10 years later in that Ginger suggested opening up the Fangtasia nightclub for vampires which Pam admits to stealing, but immediately forgiven by Eric.

Sookie probes Holly's mind and finds out that Arlene and Nicole are being kept in the basement at Fangtasia. She rounds up her friends, including Eric, to go and save them, but their attempted rescue coincides with an attack by the anti-vampire mob from Bon Temps.

Lafayette and James throw a 'celebration of life' party at Sookie's in the wake of Alcide's death and convince her to get dressed and look appropriate. Bill reminisces his past before going to war with the Yankees during the Civil War.

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Meanwhile, Lettie Mae drugs her husband so she can be present at the town party. Andy forgives Jessica for killing his half-faeie daughters, telling her he can't move on if she tortures herself and he gets help proposing to an ecstatic Holly. Arlene gives Sookie tips on getting over the loss of a loved one. Meanwhile Lafayette and James get really intimate much to Jessica's chagrin. While getting dressed, Pam and Eric discover his illness has worsened. Arlene gets noticed by year-old vampire Keith, who saved her life in Fangtasia.

Lafayette confronts Jessica telling her she doesn't deserve James because she doesn't care about him. Lettie Mae's obsession to talk with Tara causes her to take a violent action which in turn gets her thrown out of the party. Nicole gives the townsfolk a piece of her honest mind and leaves with Sam. Jason and Jessica have sex while Violet listens through the door unbeknownst to them. In Dallas, the Yakuza disrupts the gala party and leave many casualties. Sarah Newlin and her mother Nancy try to escape but Nancy ends up dead. At the end, Bill suddenly discovers he is Hep-V positive - due to drinking from Sookie, who had unknowingly become a carrier due to exposure through a cut on her wrist.

In Dallas, Eric briefly captures Sarah Newlin to torture and kill her, but he ends up fighting the Yakuza; he and Pam are captured, and Sarah escapes yet again. In Bon Temps, Lafayette indulges Lettie Mae with vampire blood and realizes she may not just be hallucinating about Tara's ghost. Meanwhile, Violet retaliates following Jason's infidelity by luring away Andy and Holly's children after Andy finds Wade in bed with Adilyn.

Jessica makes a shocking discovery about Bill after she overhears him on the phone talking about his being Hep-V positive, and Sookie receives some bad news. Bill attempts to will his property to Jessica, but is confronted by multiple obstacles including the unusually rapid progression of his illness and vents his frustration before returning home, to find Sookie and Jessica waiting for him.

Also, Nicole tells Sam that she wants to leave Bon Temps and return to her home in California, but Sam doesn't want to leave the only home he knows.

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  • Elsewhere, Sarah seeks shelter with her estranged vampire sister Amber who is also dying of Hep V , where she reveals something about herself that might change everything. Hoyt arrives in Bon Temps with his girlfriend Brigette to identify his mother's body.

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    • Violet invites Adilyn and Wade to her house to give them privacy, but her motives for doing so are soon revealed. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam agree to cooperate with Mr.

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      Gus and the Yakanomo corporation in the search for Sarah who want to take her to Japan to put her on trial for the murder of their rep earlier in Season 6 , but Eric only has one real interest; to kill Sarah in the most violent way for everything she has done. Sarah, meanwhile, is hiding out in the former headquarters of the Fellowship of the Sun, hallucinating about her former husband Steve.

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      Sookie attempts to get help for Bill first from Dr. Ludwig and then from Niall Brigand; the latter tells her even his magic cannot save Bill, and she must accept his oncoming death. Sarah faces the demons from her past. Also, Bill continues to reminisce about his life in the s before he was turned.

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      Nicole tells Sam she doesn't want to raise their unborn daughter in a place as dangerous as Bon Temps and gives him a choice: Bon Temps or her. At the end, Sookie returns to Bill, determined to be with him again before he dies. Sarah is found and captured by Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus; upon drinking from her, Eric is almost instantly cured of his Hep-V. Jason steps into a trap in an effort to save Jessica, Adilyn and Wade from Violet, but help comes from an unexpected source: Hoyt who suddenly appears, kills Violet and saves everyone.

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      Sarah is kept prisoner by Eric, Pam and the Yakanomo corporation in the basement of Fangtasia, but neither the vampires nor the Yakuza trust one another. Jessica and Hoyt get reacquainted.

      Also, Eric reveals the existence of the Hep-V cure to Sookie and offers to heal Bill, but when Bill is pressured to drink from Sarah by Sookie, Eric and Jessica, he unexpectedly refuses. Another example is when Bill has to go to a vampire tribunal.

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      He's only gone for two days before Sookie starts to feel abandoned and start to wonder if he thinks "vampire politics" are more important than her. Subtlety is not this show's strong suit. It doesn't take a genius to figure out something is going on with the local dog.

      Although my assumption wasn't dead on, it wasn't that much of a surprise. But the finale two episodes was where it really got annoying as it just shoved all the developments in your face as if you couldn't possibly figure the out for yourself. When Tara gets into the car accident, the naked lady's face with the pig is clearly shown, and was easily recognizable when she shows up at the jail for the bailout.

      As if that wasn't enough, they later show the lady again with the pig at her house. Then it's time to wrap up the murder story. At the end of the penultimate episode, it's revealed that Renee is not who he says he is and most likely is the killer.

      In the final episode, they shove Renee being the killer in your face. Sookie remarks that it's odd that Renee's thoughts don't have an accent. I thought that was fine, as it adds to Renee being a fraud. But the next scene is full of incriminating evidence against Renee. At this point it was just ridiculous.

      So blah blah blah stuff happens. Bill almost kills himself while failing to save Sookie, who still manages to kill Renee. They start to set up season 2 by leaving unfinished issues. The naked pig lady and Sam have a history, Lafayette has gone missing and might have been killed. Jason is in the process of being brainwashed into being a religious nut by some anti-vampire church--which makes me care about him even less. It's almost surprising to see how many people absolutely love this show.

      I think I just expected this show to be better.